Power Rangers RPM 2009

Zeo Weapons  Name Zeo Weapons / Blaster
First Seen PR #165 / PRZ #10 / "Graduation Blues"
Last Seen PR #172 / PRZ #17 / "There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part 3 "



Each Ranger has a specialised Ranger Weapon. Pink Ranger has a Pink Power Disc, Yellow Ranger has a pair of nunchuks, Blue Ranger has Twin Axes, Green Ranger has Double Hatchets, and Red Ranger has a long sword.

The Zeo Blaster was the result of an effort to find a weapon to stop the Hydro Contaminators- a race that was attacking the Aquitians on Aquitar. Billy and Cestro worked together to fuse the Zeo Weapons and Aquitain technology to form a powerful weapon. The weapon was mostly used against the Machine Empire, as the Aquitians eventually solved their conflict through diplomatic means. 

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