Power Rangers RPM 2009

Zeo Crystal  Zeo Crystal

"The Zeo Crystal is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. It was once sought by Master Vile, but the Rangers were able to divide it..."
Super Zeo Gems  Super Zeo Gems

"Trey gifted the Super Zeo Gems upon the Zeo Rangers.  They were the remaining key to the Zeo power, and had been in his care for over a millennium..."

Zeonizers Zeonizers

"The Zeonizers are the first Morphers to come in dual form. They each contain a fragment of Zeo Crystal, and are worn on each wrist..."
Zeo Pistols  Zeo Pistols

"Each of the five Zeo Rangers has a personal sidearm- a Zeo Laser Pistol. The Pistols are useful for medium range combat..."
Zeo Laser Blades   Zeo Laser Blades

"Each of the five Zeo Rangers has an extending baton sword, which is kept in a holster on the left side of the belt. The Zeo Laser Blades are useful in close combat..."
Zeo Jet Cycles  Zeo Jet Cycles

"The Zeo Jet Cycles were designed by Billy and Alpha as means of emergency transportation. They are capable of extreme speeds and have their own..."
Zeo Blaster  Zeo Blaster

"The Zeo Blaster was the result of an effort to find a weapon to stop the Hydro Contaminators- a race that was attacking the Aquitians on Aquitar. Billy and Cestro worked together to fuse the Zeo Weapons..."
Zeo Cannon  Zeo Cannon

"The Zeo Cannon was designed by Billy and Alpha in order to aid the Rangers. It is activated by inserting five power cells, each representative of each..."
Defender Wheel  Defender Wheel

"The Defender wheel is housed within Zeo Zord V, and is mostly used by Tommy, but it can be controlled by anyone..."
Golden Power Staff Golden Power Staff

"The Golden Power Staff is the weapon of the Gold Ranger. It channels all of the energies of the Ranger, and is even used to morph..."

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