Power Rangers RPM 2009

Zeo Zords Zeo Zords

"Consisting of Zeo Zords I, II, III, IV and V, these Zords are the most advanced technologies used on Earth to date. Zeo Zord I is controlled by Pink Ranger, and uses Cannon Power. It can also fire..."
Zeo Megazord Zeo Megazord

"The Zeo Megazord was created thanks to Zordon, Billy and Alpha V. The five Zeo Zords were hidden in the UAOH hanger in the snowy mountains outside Angel Grove, to protect them from..."
Red Battlezord Red Battlezord

"Created by Billy and Alpha, this was the first Power Ranger Zord controlled by telepathy, with help from a little Aquitian technology, that is. As it was an alien technology, Billy was unskilled..."
Zeo Mega Battlezord Zeo Mega Battlezord

"The Battlezord can combine with the Zeo Megazord to form the Mega Battlezord. The Zeo Megazord gained shoulder-mounted cannons..."
Pyramidas Pyramidas

"This is the Zord of the Gold Ranger. It serves as a battle machine as well as a space faring vessel. It was shot down into the seas of Aquitar while being perused by Varox Bounty Hunters..."
Warrior Wheel Warrior Wheel

"This was another gift from Trey. As Pyramidas was still unavailable, Trey gifted Jason with Warrior Wheel to keep tip the balance of power in the Rangers' favour..."
Super Zeo Zords Super Zeo Zords

"As Jason acted as the Gold Ranger on Earth, Trey gave him the Zeo Gems, which contained the Super Zeo Zords. These Zords, each designed in the shape of its respective..."
Super Zeo Megazord Super Zeo Megazord

"The Super Zeo Megazord came equipped with two Swords which could be combined to create a huge sword, capable of destroying monsters from a distance. The Sword was so..."
Zeo Ultrazord Zeo Ultrazord

"The Zeo Ultrazord can be formed in several ways. The Zord can house the Zeo Zords within its structure when standing, with Red Battlezord providing Cannon.."

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