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Power Rangers in Space \ Allies \ Chuck, David and Susie

Chuck, David and Susie Names Chuck, David and Susie
First Seen PR #257 / PRiS #07 / "A Ranger Among Thieves"
Last Seen PR #257 / PRiS #07 / "A Ranger Among Thieves"



Chuck is the one in the black outfit, and the black woolly hat. He's the bad one, you can tell because he's all in black and looks like a mugger. The other two go with him because he's cool, and supplies them with drugs. The other two get reformed, because one's a girl and the other guy doesn't wear black. They tried to steal Adelles van, and a bunch of other cars to fuel their drug habit, but Andros played pool with them and they decided to turn their lives around and start all over again- working for Adelle as drug traffickers.







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