Power Rangers RPM 2009

Ninja Turtles Name Ninja Turtles
First Seen PR #254 / PRiS #04 / "Shell Shocked"
Last Seen PR #254 / PRiS #04 / "Shell Shocked"



The Ninja Turtles were shell-napped from the sewers of New York City by Astronema, who put them under an Evil shell (spell). She sent the Turtles under-cover to shell-infiltrate the Rangers, and green (gain) control of the Megashell (Megaship). Astronema gained shell-control of the ship, but the Rangers were able to escape in the Shuttle. She gave chase in the Megazord, accidentally flying turtle-y too close to an Inverted Particle Field, which reversed the spell on the Turtles, who then joined forces with the Rangers. The Turtles have a penchant for non-funny Turtle puns, which often made the Rangers want to decompress the Megaship, just to shut them up. Shellarific!







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