Power Rangers RPM 2009

Zordon Zordon

"Zordon is the main figurehead in the fight against evil. He is a powerful sage, who mentored the Rangers on Earth. He was captured on his home..."
Alpha 6 Alpha 6

"Alpha 6 helped the Rangers after the fall of Eltar by guiding them into space where they met Andros. However, his voice chips had been damaged..."

"DECA is the artificial intelligence program that operates the Megaship. DECA has small black cameras with single red eyes mounted on walls all..."
Adelle Ferguson Adelle Ferguson

"Shortly after the fall of Eltar, back on earth, Adelle bought the former Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar and remodelled it into The Surf Spot. She provides..."
Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtles

"The Ninja Turtles were shell-napped from the sewers of New York City by Astronema, who put them under an Evil shell (spell). She sent the Turtles..."
Chuck, David and Susie Chuck, David and Susie

"Chuck is the one in the black outfit, and the black woolly hat. He's the bad one, you can tell because he's all in black and looks like a mugger. The... "
General Norquist General Norquist

"Dick Norquist is the General who is suspected of having ties to Zordon, or the cover-up of newly discovered planets. He agreed to let the..."
Lenny and George Lenny and George

"Lenny and George are two budding entrepreneurs at Angel Grove High, both with aspirations of high level extortion. After finding Cassie's diary..."
Patrick Patrick

"This particular brat is a friend of Carlos and Ashley who suffers from an over-active imagination. He is the typical Boy Who Cried Wolf, so when..."
Silvy Silvy

"Silvy is another little brat who forced herself into the Rangers lives after she discovered Carlos' secret identity, after he Morphed in..."
Justin Stewart Justin Stewart

"Justin Stewart is the former Blue Turbo Ranger. When the Space Cars, Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster came under attack by Dark..."
Adam Park Adam Park

"Adam Park is the former Black Ranger and Green Zeo/Turbo Ranger. He returned to assist a deflated Carlos who was doubting his ability as..."
Phantom Ranger Phantom Ranger

"Phantom Ranger was the solo warrior who travelled the Universe battling the forces of evil. He returned to the assist the Ranger in the search..."
Gold Ranger Gold Ranger

"Gold Ranger hails from Triforia, where the inhabitants are made up of three separate beings. The Gold Ranger defended the Universe against..."
Aquitian Rangers Aquitian Rangers

"The Aquitian Rangers come from Aquitar, a planet almost entirely made up of water. The Aquitian Rangers were captured by the invading forces of..."
Karone Karone

"Astronema is Karone! Karone is Astronema! Karone was a little girl, sister of Andros, she was kinapped by Darkonda. She was raised by..."





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