Power Rangers RPM 2009

Ecliptor Name Ecliptor
First Seen PR #253 / PRiS #03 / "Save Our Ship"
Last Seen PR #293 / PRiS #43 / "Countdown To Destruction, Part 2"



Ecliptor is Astronema's second in command aboard her Dark Fortress and is fiercely loyal to her. Ecliptor raised Astronema since the age of 5. Ecliptor's long standing feud with the villainous bounty hunter Darkonda culminated with Darkonda reprogramming Ecliptor into Circuit Ecliptor, with the intent of creating a more powerful Ecliptor who swears loyalty only to evil. Circuit Ecliptor is definitely more powerful than Ecliptor, however his loyalty to Astronema remains unchanged. He was turned to sand when Zordons energy wave purged the universe of Dark Specter's forces.







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