Power Rangers RPM 2009

Psycho Rangers Name Psycho Rangers
First Seen PR #281 / PRiS #31 / "Rangers Gone Psycho"
Last Seen PR #289 / PRiS #39 / "Ghosts In The Machine"



Astronema created five evil duplicates of the Rangers in an effort to destroy Dark Specter and the Rangers at the same time. However, the Psychos were unstable and out of control and were only possessed by the thought of destroying their counterparts. This lead to their downfall. Psycho Pink was first to fall, after being double crossed by Psycho Yellow. Psycho Blue was quickly destroyed when the Power Rangers disguised themselves as five Blue Rangers, which Psycho Blue was left to fight alone. The remaining Psycho's lasted longer, but were eventually destroyed by the combined power of the Mega Winger, Mega Voyager and Astro-Delta Megazord.

Astronema later created a machine that transformed matter into data, and the ghosts of the Psycho Rangers used it in reverse. The Power Rangers tricked them back into the laser, and they were trapped on Data Cards. This wasn't the last of the Psychos. The Data Cards were obtained by Deviot, who used them to attack the Galaxy Rangers. The Galaxy Rangers were assisted by Andros and the other rangers, who helped to defeat them for good.








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