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Astro Megazord Name Astro Megazord
First Seen PR #252 / PRiS #02 / "From Out Of Nowhere, Part 2"
Last Seen PR #290 / PRiS #40 / "A Line in the Sand"



Thanks to Alpha 6, the Rangers were able to combine their NASADA Shuttle with the Astro Megaship, using the codes from Black Box recovered from the wreckage of the Power Chamber. The resulting formation was the Astro Megazord.

The Astro Megazord is the primary battlezord of the Space Rangers. It is very vesatile, and can use the thrusters of the NASADA Shuttle to travel at speeds through space, as well as planetery atmospheres.

When locked in battle, the Astro Megazord has a limited arsenal of weapons that it can use. For short range attacks, the Megazord can utilise the Astro Megazord Saber, a long sword that is capable of energy-charged attacks, as well as a whip mode. The Megazord also has access to a large sheild, which as well as blocking attacks, can also function as a safety shield during re-entry. The final weapon of the Megazord is the Blaster, a large rifle similar is size to the Shuttle booster rocket.







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