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Power Rangers Dino Thunder \ Allies \ Cassidy and Devin

 Cassidy and Devin Name Cassidy and Devin
Ages Unknown
First Seen PR #497 / PRDT #01 / "Day Of The Dino, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #534 / PRDT #38 / "Thunder Struck, Part 2"


Cassidy Cornell is a vain, self-absorbed teen with aspirations of fame and fortune. Devin is her dim-witted, long suffering sidekick. Cassidy works for her school news station, as well as sidelining stints on Reefside News.

She had hopes of uncovering the identities of the Power Rangers to provide her with the stepping stone she needs to make it to the big time.

During the final battle with Mesogog, they actually did witness the Rangers Morphing and got it on film. However, Cassidy realised that there were some things more important, and destroyed the footage.







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