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Trent Ferdandez - White Ranger Name Trent Fernandez
Designation Dino Thunder White Ranger
First Seen PR #499 / PRDT #03 / "Wave Goodbye "
Last Seen PR #534 / PRDT #38 / "Thunder Struck, Part 2"
Trent returned in PRSPD's "Wormhole"


Trent is the adopted son of wealthy industrialist Anton Mercer, an old associate of Tommy's. Trent has a strong artistic streak of which his father disapproves of. He likes to spend his time drawing fantasy creations in his sketchbook. When not at school or spending his time drawing, Trent works at Hayley's Cyberspace, where he first met the Rangers in their un-morphed form.

While investigating the invisiportal that had appeared in his fathers office, Trent was transported to Mesogog's lair, where he was drawn to the Dino Gem bracelet which wrapped itself around his wrist, and bonded directly with his DNA, granting  him the Drago Morpher in the process. Trent became the White Ranger, a Ranger made pure of evil and obsessed with conflict. His first act as a Ranger was single handily defeating one of Elsa's creatures, and taking down the other four Rangers. 

The White Dino Gem was hidden in a petrified forest for over a year by Mesogog to prevent Tommy from finding out about it. Mesogog planned to cultivate the energies within it and then bond with it to gain Ranger powers.







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