Power Rangers RPM 2009

A.T.V.'s Name A.T.V.'s
First Seen PR #512 / PRDT #16 / "Burning At Both Ends "
Last Seen PR #531 / PRDT #35 / "House Of Cards "
With the Dino Gems drained of power, the ATV's are assumed inoperable or destroyed.


In an attempt to destroy Tommy, Mesogog gives Trent the Dino ATVs- one for himself, and a special, booby-trapped version to gift upon Tommy. Trent proposes a truce with the Rangers, and gives a suspicous Tommy the ATV as a gift.

As soon as Tommy climbed on board, Trent revealed his true colours, and the rigged ATV went haywire, driving a helpless Tommy everywhere. As soon as he regains control, Trent goes up against Tommy in his own ATV, demonstrating the incredible speed and defensive capabilties.







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