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Doctor Kathryn "Kat" Manx Name Doctor Kathryn "Kat" Manx
Age 147
First Seen PR #535 / PRSPD #01 / "Beginnings, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #572 / PRSPD #38 / "Endings, Part 2 "



Kat is the brains behind SPD and helped to create everything from the Morphers, to the Zords. She was part of the original team that helped to develop SPD Morphing technology alongside the parents of the Rangers.

Kat's homeworld was conquerored by the Troobian Empire. Kat has been operating on Earth since at least 2001. She is thought to be just under 150 Earth years old. She was perhaps Doggie Cruger's most trusted friend, and was always on hand to help out the Rangers. Kat's species is naturally adept at acrobatic maneuvers, which when coupled with her SPD combat training, makes her a capable opponent. When Kat took up the powers of an SPD Ranger, her natural agility was enhanced and she was able to perform a range of powerful attacks.

In her role at SPD, she took the bumbling Boom under her wing, encouraging his development as a skilled technician. When SPD was invaded by Broodwing in the final battle, Kat led Boom and the other SPD cadets in the battle to defend the base.




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