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Sam - Omega Ranger Name Sam
Designation Omega Ranger 11C-41B
Age Approx 10 (circa 2020), Approx 20 (circa 2030)
First Seen PR #541 / PRSPD #07 / "Sam, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #572 / PRSPD #38 / "Endings, Part 2 "
Adult Sam returned to his own time as of SPD #38



Sam was a homeless child who demonstrated special abilities similar to the Rangers'. He was manipulated by Mora and Gruumm into using his powers for evil, but was shown the light by Z and the other Rangers.

It was revealed that his special powers are a direct result of prolonged exposure to Morphing technology, as his parents worked to develop SPD weaponary. Sam was granted a position at SPD as a cadet.

Fifteen years into the future, the adult Sam is chosen to protect the world as the Omega Ranger. Gruumms forces continue to invade, and eventually, SPD falls. Omega is sent back in time through a time hole, arriving in 2020 to prevent the Troobian invasion. He appears just as the alien Samurai warrior named Katana is sent back in time to the ancient Kyoto. Unfortunatly, he materizes in a crystilised light form- only able to take humoid form when morphed.

Omega reveals himself to the Rangers when the alien criminal "Devestation" attacks New Tech City, at the point when the Troobian invasion began. He dazzles the Rangers with his time manipulating abilities via his Omega Morpher. He then gos ont to help defeat and capture Devestation with the aid of his Uniforce Cycle, and his Zord, the Omega Max Cycle.





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