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Emperor Gruumm Name Emperor Gruumm
Age Unknown
First Seen PR #535 / PRSPD #01 / "Beginnings, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #572 / PRSPD #38 / "Endings, Part 2 "
Confined as of PRSPD #38 "Endings, Part 2"


Emperor Gruumm Emperor Gruumm Emperor Gruumm Emperor Gruumm Emperor Gruumm Emperor Gruumm



Gruumm is the leader of the Troobian race, an unstoppable war-like people of planet destroyers. He lives on his Terror craft, travelling through space with Earth in his targets. He has a score to settle with Cruger, who is determined to bring him to justice for destroying his home planet, Sirius. Gruumm led the assault on Sirius, where the planet and its inhabitants were decimated. During the battle, Cruger cut off one of Gruumm's horns, for which Gruumm has never forgiven him.

Gruumm gets his troops and weapons from Broodwing, his main supplier of arms. However, becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the results of these weapons, he soon stopped paying for them, demanding that Broodwing provide them or die.

Gruumm stole a series of items from Earth, including gold, urideum, Hemotech Synthetic Plasma, diamonds and a radioactive chunk of meteorite. These resources were used to build something very large- a body for his superior, Omni, the Magnificence. Once completed, Gruumm joined the huge biomechanical body with his Terror craft, Omni was able to take control. Shortly afterwards, Gruumm engagaed in battle with Cruger, who cut off his one remaining horn, and contained him in a Confinement Card.





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