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R.I.C. - Robotic Interactive Canine Name R.I.C. - Robotic Interactive Canine
First Seen PR #535 / PRSPD #01 / "Beginnings, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #572 / PRSPD #38 / "Endings, Part 2 "


The Robotic Interactive Canine, otherwise known as R.I.C., is the multifunctional helper to the SPD team. It normally operates on all fours, and is a very handy machine. It is equiped with various scanners and can search for clues or criminals.

R.I.C. was once destroyed by Krybots, but was salvaged by Boom and Bridge, at the request of Syd. They upgraded it to version 2.0, and added a K9 Cannon mode.

R.I.C. is mostly used in battle, when it transfroms to a cannon mode. To summon R.I.C., the Rangers use a K9 Bone, whice connects to R.I.C. to activate the K9 Cannon. It is capable of weakening an opponenent ennough to trap them in a Containment Card.





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