Power Rangers RPM 2009

Phineas Name Phineas
Age Unknown
First Seen PR #573 / PRMF #01 / "Broken Spell, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #605 / PRMF #32 / "Mystic Fate, Part 2"


Born of the union of a troll and a goblin, Phineas is a troblin who was forced to live in exile in the magical realm of the woods outside of Briarwood.

Phineas was present during the great battle between the Mystic Warriors and the forces of the Underworld. Phineas witnessed the conflict between Calindor and Daggeron, and took it upon himself to complete Daggeron's mission to save the infant Bowen by taking the child to the human world. Years later, Phineas met Claire shortly after Morticon began his new assault on the surface world, when he saved her from an attack from the Hydra Worm monster. He later encountered Nick, earning his trust and his friendship. Phineas then later went on to guide the Rangers through the woods in their search for Fire Heart.

Phineas would often offer words of encouragement and rare insight to the Rangers whenever they would doubt themselves. Thanks to Phineas, Nick was able to realise his destiny as The Light, and enable him to combine with Fire Heart.

Phineas soon forged a bond with another unlikely outcast in the form of Necrolai's daughter LeeLee. When LeeLee decided to make an attempt to rescue Udonna from Hekatoid, Phineas chose to accompany her on her mission. Phineas then pursued a romantic with LeeLee, obtaining a temporary job at the Rock Porium in the process. However, Phineas scared away more customers than he helped, and Toby was forced to fire him. Phineas then rounded up all of the inhabitants of Briarwood Forrest to help the Rangers in the final battle against The Master. When the Master was defeated, the citizens of Briarwood embraced the creatures of the forrest, and Phineas was able to go back to work at the Rock Porium.




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