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Nick Russell - Red Ranger Name Nick Russell
Designation Red Mystic Force Ranger
Age 19 (circa 2006)
First Seen PR #573 / PRMF #01 / "Broken Spell, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #605 / PRMF #32 / "Mystic Fate, Part 2"



Nick Russell travelled to the sleepy town of Briarwood on his beloved motorcycle to live with his sister. Not long after, the little town was rocked by a thundering earthquake that announced the arrival of ancient demons. Nick was knocked from his motorcycle during the tremor, but was unharmed. His bike was less fortunate, and he had to stop to repair it. During the repairs, he witnessed an old man in distress, desperate for help. When nobody else would assist him, Nick stepped up, and volunteered to escort him into the Briarwood forest. His decency inspired the other four teens to join up and aid the old man. Upon entering the forest, Nick and the teens lost sight of the old man, who soon revealed himself to actually be Udonna, the White Mystic Force Ranger.

Udonna granted Nick a Magi Staff and the ability to manipulate fire. Nick was hesitant to accept the Staff, and didnt believe anything Udonna said. It was at this point that Nick parted ways with the rest of the teens, and attempted to make his way out of the forest. Meanwhile, the other teens attempted to take on the invading Hidiacs, but were proving to be unsuccessful. Eventually, they were able to fully accept the power of magic and transform into the Mystic Rangers. Nick was the last to accept the power of magic, and came to join the team in the fight against Knight Wolf.

Udonna quickly realised that Nick was actually Bowen, the son she believed to have lost during the batlle against Morticon. She shared this newfound information with Koragg, who then was able to remember that his own true identity was Leanbow, Nick's father. As the offspring of two of the most powerful sorcerors of all time, Nick had the potential to surpass even them, and that he had been destined to be a warrior known as "The Light"- a being so great and powerful that he could destroy all of the forces of darkness.

Nick used this power to tame Fire Heart, and gain access to the Battlizer armour, which was formed by dismembering the living creature, and forcing it to awkwardly fuse with the Red Mystic Ranger.

As the Red Ranger, he can encase his body in flames to burn through enemies. A new spellcode meant that the Red Ranger also had access to high-speed battles thanks to his Mystic Speeder, a powerful motorcycle capable not only of fast paced action, but can also fire a missle from its steering column.

The Red Ranger, like the others, also had a Mystic Racer- a flight-capable jet similar to a broomstick. The Red Ranger also has the capability of giant-sized combat, thanks to his ability to transform into the Phoenix Mystic Titan.

Nick used all of his powers alongside the rest of the team in the final battle against The Master. When they finally won, Nick decided to resume the journey to his adopted parents, with his biological parents Udonna and Leanbow in tow.




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