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Udonna - White Ranger Name Udonna
Designation White Mystic Force Ranger
Age Unknown
First Seen PR #573 / PRMF #01 / "Broken Spell, Part 1"
Last Seen PR #605 / PRMF #32 / "Mystic Fate, Part 2"



Udonna was the powerful sorceress and mentor to the Power Rangers Mystic Force, and was once thought to be the only surviving member of the great battle.

At the time of the great battle, Udonna was the wife of Leanbow and the mother to newborn Bowen. When Leanbow led the original Mystic Warriors into battle, Udonna tried to ensure her sons safety by sending him to the human realm. When the battle was over, and nothing was left of Morticon's forces or the Mystic Warriors, Udonna gathered the Mystic Wands and retreated into the forest.

Udonna spent the next twenty years living in Rootcore, raising her young neice Claire as her apprentice. When the seal of the Underworld was broken, Udonna invited five teenagers to help defend the planet by learning the ways of magic, as Power Rangers. Udonna too, was able to transform into the White Mystic Ranger, but lost the ability while defending the new Rangers from the attacking Koragg, who captured her Snow Staff.

Udonna continued to teach the Rangers in the ways of magic at Rootcore, until they were captured and taken to the Underworld. In order to save them, Udonna was forced to use the Book of Dark Spells to open a portal to the Underworld. However, in doing so, she lost all of her magical power. Her sacrifice was not in vain, as she found that Koragg was actually her husband Leanbow, who was being controlled by the dark magic of the Master. Leanbow was able to lead Udonna and the Rangers out of the Underworld. Soon after, Udonna learned that Nick was actually Bowen, the son she beleived to have died in the great battle. When Leanbow found out, he decided to sacrifice his own safety to trap The Master, taking him back into the Underworld.

Udonna decided to attempt a rescue, and set off to save Leanbow, even though she was without magic. Udonna and Claire made their way to the Lake of Lament, where Udonna was captured by Hekatoid. With the Rangers unable to find her, Claire teamed up with LeeLee and Phineas and managed to rescue Udonna along with her Snow Staff, which resulted in her regaining her magical powers.

Udonna managed to find Leanbow and used her Snow Staff to revive him, and return his Wolf Warrior powers to him Udonna and Leanbow joined the Ranger in the final battle against the Master, and together, they were able to overload him with magical energy. Once the Master was destroyed, Udonna, Leanbow and Nick set off to find Nick's adopted parents on their motorbikes.





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