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Legend Warrior Mode Name Legend Warrior Mode
First Seen PR #592 / PRMF #20 / "Dark Wish, Part 3"
Last Seen PR #605 / PRMF #32 / "Mystic Fate, Part 2"



Like many of the Mystic Force Rangers' arsenal, the Mystic Legend Warrior Mode was only granted upon the Rangers once they learned a lesson about themselves. Having lost their powers and been transported into an alternate reality thanks to the Dark Wish, the Rangers had to journey to the Tribunal of Magic in order to request their powers back. They were initially denied, but soon proved to the Elders that they didnt want to just take the easy route, and they were willing to work hard. The request was granted, and the Rangers were once again able to use magic.

Using the spellcode 120 "Galwit Mysto Nermax", the Rangers were able to transform into Legend Mode, which greatly enhanced their Magical powers. Their own Mystic Ranger suits was also enhanced, with golden torso armour, leg protection, new gauntlets, and exagerated helmet designs.

When in Mystic Legend Warrior Mode, each Ranger needs a powerful weapon. This calls for the Mystic Lion Staffs, which, like the Magi Staffs, can be used to cast spells, or perform powerful magic attacks.






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