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Retrocenter Frequently Asked Questions
How can I contact Ranger-Retrocenter.com?
  You can email us at retrocenter@hotmail.com. Alternativley, you can post a message at the RetroForums DX discussion board.
What is your job on the show?
  We dont have any official connections with the show whatsoever. We are simply fans working to provide a resource for other fans of the show.
What is the history of this site?
  That's a VERY long story, and will be covered in more detail in an upcoming section. All we'll say for now, is that parts of the site are a LOT older than anyone realises.
Who makes Power Rangers?
  The show was originally made in the USA by Saban Entertainment's MMPR Productions. The show moved to New Zealand in 2002 after it was bought by Disney. Since then, the show has been made by Village Roadshow Productions. Disney now owns the entire PR franchise. The Japanese elements of the show are made by TOEI Entertainment in Japan.
Who makes the Power Rangers toys?
  The official Power Rangers toyline has been produced by Bandai since 1993.
When and where does PR air?
  PR airs all over the world, at many different times. The schedules change so frequently that it is difficult for a site like this to keep track of them, so we dont. Check local listings.
Is there an official Power Rangers Website?
  The only official website for the show is operated through regional Jetix websites. PowerRangers.com will redirect you to Jetix USA's PR page, for example. Bandai.com and Bandai.co.uk are two such examples of official regional websites for the current toylines.
Are you selling episodes / toys?
  Nope. Try eBay, or any other online retailers.
Where can I get PR DVDs?
  BVHE have released 5 DVDs each year since Ninja Storm in 2003. These DVDs dont cover the entire season, but it's better than nothing. The 2007 season "Operation Overdrive" will be released entirely on DVD. Some European regions, such as Germany and the Netherlands, have seen complete seasons on DVD.


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