Jason Faunt On How a Time Force Reunion Could Work

The Power Rangers community has been buzzing since recent details about the upcoming reboot popped up, and it didn’t take long for the topic of cameos and returning Rangers to make its way into that conversation. Fans are always eager to see some of their favorite Rangers back, whether in movies or the ongoing TV show, and one of the most beloved teams happens to be Time Force. We previously had the chance to speak to Time Force’s Jason Faunt about a variety of topics, including what a Time Force reunion could look and if it’s the right time for one, and he has a pretty interesting idea for it.

“You know what it is, and I will say I have talked to the producers about that and said ‘hey guys, you know this is what’s going on right now. There’s been a resurgence in this show, in other shows,'” Faunt said. “I said ‘we’ve never had an entire previous Ranger cast fully come back as the new Rangers’, and you know that comes with its own set of complications but you just have to take the Time Force cast and have them become…because of the Sentai footage, have them become the new Rangers in those outfits and just create new stories around it.”

“So I think it’s what the fans would love, I mean we all, me personally, I loved Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. It’s a little hard to get used to the new ones you know, so I think the time is there, and with the Time Force time travel it allows us the luxury to do that.”

It’s certainly an interesting idea to bring not just a few Rangers back but an entire cast to the show. Having them become a new Ranger team would also be quite novel, allowing the team to build upon what happened in Time Force but give returning fans something new with a new season of footage to use.

We imagine fans would also just love to see the cast back together, even if it’s just as returning Rangers in a Forever Red type special, and we know they would lose their minds if a few popped up in the upcoming film.

Original article, Matthew Aguilar

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