Meet the 27-year-old Power Rangers superfan

A 27-YEAR-OLD obsessed with Power Rangers is looking for more like-minded fans.

Joe Bolingbroke has dedicated much of his life to the TV action heroes since his mother bought him the show on VHS at four years old. For more then two decades, the superfan has collected as many toys and miniatures as possible. And he now has hundreds of pieces of memorabilia – which pack out a number of cardboard boxes and decorate the walls and ceilings in his room at home in Moulsecoomb, Brighton.

He said:

“I’m very passionate about the Power Rangers, it’s the number one thing in my life – I am gay and autistic and it has helped me. It’s important with so much badness in the world that people have the Power Rangers to teach us right and wrong. I think the Power Rangers teach people about teamwork, hard work, dedication, doing what’s right, being kind, not bullying, being confident and having respect for other people. All these good morals we can learn from Power Rangers.”

Joe travels around the country with his parents and friends, dressed as a Red Ranger, to conventions and toy shops. He is more than happy to give advice to those wishing to buy Power Rangers toys. And, on occasion, Joe has been invited by shops to promote the merchandise – being paid in Power Ranger collectables. His dedication to the show has not gone unnoticed by TV bosses either. Hasbro, the company which now owns the franchise, has sent him bundles of newly released toys and action figures. Joe, along with a group of 13 other superfans, dresses up as the Power Rangers and attends convections. The group will be at Worthing Wormhole Comic Con on November 9.

“We all work together and our goal is to make people happy. As a kid I never got to meet a Power Ranger so I’m giving kids what I never got. I’ve found some great teammates – mostly online, but some at conventions.”

Joe is calling for fellow Power Rangers fans to get in touch to talk about the show as well as those who might want to join his dressing up group, Morphin Grid Cosplay. Joe wants people to know the new season of the show is starting at 6pm, September 2, on children’s channel Pop TV.

Original article, Jody Doherty-Cove

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