Power Ranger gives out toilet paper and cash at GA Walmart

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) – A Power Ranger in Moultrie handed out toilet paper and cash.

He is a father of two, fighting against COVID-19 as a masked vigilante. Roberto Fernandez is the man behind the mask and the face of a YouTube video showing him give toilet paper and cash to those in need.

“Yo, what is up guys. Today we’re gonna be giving out toilet paper and money to people. With all of this going on, so I had some extra toilet paper and I’m finna give-’em out to older people, let’s go,”

The YouTube video has now gained almost 4,000 views since being published last Tuesday. ″Why a power ranger?” asked WALB News 10′s Bobby Poitevint.

“A little bit behind the Power Ranger suit is because I had bought it for my son’s birthday party because he was really into Power Rangers, so I got it custom made. When I put on the suit for my son, he was so happy. So, since my son was happy, I figured other kids would be happy too and they were,” responded Fernandez.

The 28-year-old father and husband said he gave out around 20 rolls of toilet paper and $80 in cash that day at Walmart.

“I was reading that some people lost their jobs and because of all the coronavirus thing going on. So I just thought a little bit of money would also help them out” explained Fernandez.

What became an afternoon of giving spawned from a conversation with his brother while watching YouTube videos. Their goal was simple — bring joy to children and help those in need, especially older people, during an international health pandemic.

“I gain peace of mind because I’m like, I had some toilet paper in the house and it just bothered me that there were people without toilet paper. I don’t really gain nothing off this except peace of mind. It makes me feel great,” said Fernandez.

You might say Fernandez is a living example of the saying, “not all heroes wear capes.” Fernandez said this will not be the last time he hands out items to those in need. He said people have reached out to him, offering to donate items to give away.

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