Dark Warrior

Written by Jeff Deckman, Ronnie Sperling, Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by Terence H. Winkless
First aired September 28, 1993
Production code 129
Episode number Season 1
Episode 15
Previous episode Foul Play in the Sky
Next episode Switching Places
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Uncle Howard, Trini’s Chinese elderly uncle, comes to town for a visit. Uncle Howard is a Karate expert and brilliant scientist. He has just invented a secret formula which can make people disappear if the liquid is swallowed. He becomes an instant inspiration for Billy, who has unsuccessfully tried to learn some Karate moves. During a one to one discussion with Billy, Uncle Howard and Billy are attacked by Putties. The Putties seize Uncle Howard and take him to a warehouse. He is warned by Goldar that he has got one hour to tell him where that formula is or he’ll be blown to pieces. Goldar attaches a time bomb to Uncle Howard. Uncle Howard, who can be very absent minded, cannot remember where he last left the formula.

In the meantime, Rita has sent the Dark Warrior to destroy the city. The Power Rangers have to race against the clock in order to save Uncle Howard from getting blown to bits. The Rangers free Uncle Howard just in the nick of time. They transmorph to battle the Dark Warrior. They form the Megazord and with a blow from the Megazord and defeat the Dark Warrior. Uncle Howard finds his secret formula at Ernie’s jukebox and uses it to make himself invisible to play a trick on Bulk and Skull when they go after Billy.

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