Fowl Play

Written by Peggy Nicoll
Directed by John Stewart
First aired May 2, 1994
Production code 153
Episode number Season 1
Episode 53
Previous episode Two Heads are Better Than One
Next episode Trick or Treat
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Bulk and Skull make a nuisance of themselves by attempting to juggle balls at a party for underprivileged kids, but Zach manages to scare them off with a pair of rubber snakes. An impressed Angela gives Zack a peck on the cheek. This gives Rita her latest inspiration, the “Peckster,” a monster that can destroy buildings with a single peck. Zack has to deal with the Peckster by himself, while the other teens are being held up by Putties. Zack is ordered by Zordon to return to the Youth Center and calm the frightened children there. The Rangers defeat the Putties and are then ordered to deal with the Peckster. While fumbling around with a balloon, Zack discovers a way to stop the Peckster – by tricking it into pecking a rubber ball hidden inside a balloon, the Peckster’s beak is debilitated. Rita increases the Peckster’s size. The Peckster is defeated with one strike from the Megazord.

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