Green With Evil (4): Eclipsing Megazord

Written by Cindy McKay, Stewart St. John
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired October 8, 1993
Production code 117
Episode number Season 1
Episode 20
Previous episode Green with Evil, Part III: The Rescue
Next episode Green with Evil, Part V: Breaking the Spell
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


The Green Ranger has once again materialized in the Command Center. He has managed to shut down the newly operating Alpha, and is now working on destroying Zordon’s communicator. Unknown to the Green Ranger, Alpha has managed to kick in his auxiliary power supply and traps the Green Ranger inside a forcefield. Meanwhile, Rita has blocked off the sun with a lunar eclipse, making the Megazord weak, gradually losing its power. The Power Rangers bail out of the cockpits just in time, as Rita opens a fiery pit into the Earth where she sends the Megazord. It seems Rita has finally defeated the Power Rangers.