Life’s a Masquerade

Written by Cheryl Saban
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired October 30, 1993
Production code 123
Episode number Season 1
Episode 25
Previous episode The Spit Flower
Next episode Gung Ho!
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


The Power Rangers are finalizing plans for a costume party at the youth center. As usual Rita is watching through her Repulsascope and plans to foil the fun. She sends a monster which is an exact replica of Frankenstein’s monster. Its’ purpose is to mingle at the party, but its’ mission is to destroy the Power Rangers. The monster’s strange behavior at the party causes Billy to follow and investigate. A confrontation results and Billy warns the others that Frankenstein is one of Rita’s goons. Rita converts the monster into a giant. The Megazord takes a heavy beating from Frankenstein and breaks down into individual units. Tommy saves the day when he shows up with his Dragonzord to form the Megadragonzord. Using the Megadragonzord weapons they blast Frankenstein away.

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