On Fins and Needles

Written by Douglas Sloan
Directed by Worth Keeter
First aired May 5, 1994
Production code 156
Episode number Season 1
Episode 56
Previous episode Second Chance
Next episode Enter… The Lizzinator
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Jason and Tommy volunteer their time at the Youth Center to teach a Karate class to kids. Their teamwork gives Rita the idea for her latest inspiration, the “Slippery Shark”. Upon contact with the shark’s flying fin, Jason and Tommy will come to hate each other. This happens during a Putty fight, causing Jason and Tommy to come to near blows. Zordon says the only way to reverse the effect is for Tommy and Jason to try to work with each other. Jason and Tommy face the shark, but the Slippery Shark is too slippery for them. They agree to use a new move they had been working on together and this immediately breaks the spell. With Jason and Tommy back to normal, the entire gang teams up and call on their Zords. Rita enlarges the Shark, but he is blasted into a ball of flames from a blast of the Megazord.