Second Chance

Written by Mark Litton
Directed by Worth Keeter
First aired May 4, 1994
Production code 157
Episode number Season 1
Episode 55
Previous episode Trick or Treat
Next episode On Fins and Needles
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Jason and Zack try to help young Roger into making Ernie’s junior soccer team. The eavesdropping Rita commands the creation of a monster to kick around the Rangers. Finster creates the “Socadillo Ball” which gains strength by absorbing energy and has sharp claws and teeth. The Putties and Socadillo descend on the field in which Jason and Zack are coaching Roger and are set for a soccer match of their own. Trini, Billy, and Kimberly are transported by Alpha to help Jason and Zack. After a short fight, the Putties and Socadillo retreat so Socadillo can regain its power. Alpha is having trouble communicating with Tommy and without him, they can’t destroy Socadillo. When Socadillo is sent back down to Earth, the Rangers take the chance to attack without Tommy. After a frantic search, Alpha locates Tommy and transports him. Rita makes her monster grow, the Rangers call on their Zords and form Ultrazord, which fires upon Socadillo and perishes in a huge explosion. Back at the Youth Center, tension mounts as the names are read for the new soccer team. Roger has been named team captain.

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