Return of the Green Ranger (1)

Written by Shuki Levy
Directed by Shuki Levy
First aired February 20, 1995
Production code 244
Episode number Season 2
Episode 44
Previous episode The Wedding, Part III
Next episode Return of the Green Ranger, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Lord Zedd and Rita, resolving to get rid of the White Ranger once and for all, solicit advice from the Ghost of Darkness. The Ghost tells Rita to call on the Wizard of Deception in order to create a foe capable of destroying the White Ranger. Taking a lock of Tommy’s hair, the Wizard recreates the Evil Green Ranger and the “evil Tommy” tricks the other teens into meeting him at the outskirts of town. Phase two of Rita and Zedd’s plan is then implemented: The Rangers are sent back in time to 1774, where they are mistaken for witches and chased by the townspeople. With his friends unable to help him, Tommy must confront the Evil Green Ranger alone.

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