The Green Dream

Written by Stewart St. John
Directed by John Stewart
First aired September 19, 1994
Production code 210
Episode number Season 2
Episode 7
Previous episode Bloom of Doom
Next episode The Power Stealer
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Tommy’s recurring nightmares regarding loss of his powers are about to come true. To capture the Sword of power, Goldar captures Tommy, places him in a hypnotic trance, and creates ROBOGOAT from a book of myths and legends from Tommy’s backpack. At a meeting of the Power Rangers, a hypnotized Tommy suggests boosting his lowered powers via the Sword of Power. Zordon agrees. Tommy disappears with the Sword, returns to Goldar’s cave, comes out of his trance, and realizes what he’s done. ROBOGOAT drains Tommy’s powers and targets the remaining Rangers. Jason manages to knock the Sword off ROBOGOAT, and the sword converts into an ordinary stick. Jason calls on Thunderzord but they’re unable to defeat ROBOGOAT without Tommy, who is ultimately able to call up the Dragonzord. Thunderzord and Dragonzord beat ROBOGOAT. The battle is won — but the war between Zedd and Tommy (and his dwindling powers) is far from over.