A Different Shade of Pink (3)

Written by Doulgas Sloan
Directed by Bob Radler
First aired November 8, 1995
Production code 325
Episode number Season 3
Episode 25
Previous episode A Different Shade of Pink, Part II
Next episode Rita’s Pita
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Katherine offers to use herself as bait in a plan that the Rangers hope will recover Ninjor. The plan goes awry and Katherine is captured and placed in Rita and Zedd’s dungeon. The Rangers struggle in vain for a way to teleport her out. While Rito is guarding her, she sees the Pink Power Coin and tricks Rito into falling asleep then steals it. With the coin in the hands of someone good, the Rangers are able to teleport her away from harm and into the Command Center. Although Kim wants to compete in the Pan Global Games, she is reluctant to leave the Power Rangers. Zordon and the others convince her that she should not pass up this opportunity of a lifetime. She tearfully decides to pursue her dream of being a world class gymnast and suggests Katherine as her replacement. Katherine humbly accepts the challenge to be the new Pink Ranger.

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