A Friend in Need (1)

Written by Shuki Levy, Shell Danielson
Directed by Worth Keeter
First aired September 2, 1995
Production code 305
Episode number Season 3
Episode 1
Previous episode Blue Ranger Gone Bad
Next episode A Friend in Need, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Alpha is concerned about the troubling events on his home planet, Edenoi. The Rangers decide to go and investigate the welfare of the planet and also report on Alpha’s creator, Lexian. Kimberly has the flu and is unable to go, but the others teleport to the distant planet only to find it under attack by the evil COUNT DREGON. There they encounter four native Edenoites led by the courageous Dex. At first the Edenoites are mistrusting of the Rangers and confront them as enemies. Dex morphs into his secret identity, the Masked Rider, an insect-like superhero of incredible strength. When the Edenoites realize that the Rangers are not foes, they band together against Count Dregon and escape into a cave as he launches an air attack.