A Ranger Catastrophe (2)

Written by Douglas Sloan
Directed by Douglas Sloan
First aired October 17, 1995
Production code 318
Episode number Season 3
Episode 18
Previous episode A Ranger Catastrophe, Part I
Next episode Changing of the Zords, Part I
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Katherine leaves Tommy unconscious in the dark dimension. The Rangers decide that they must stop Rito and use the Ninja Megazord to send him running. Rita and Zedd send down Goldar to battle Tommy. Billy struggles to come up with a device to get Tommy out. Tommy morphs and the White Ranger does his best to fend off Goldar and Rito. It looks like it is the end, but then Billy is able to teleport Tommy out just before the final blow is stricken. Zedd and Rita turn Katherine into the CAT MONSTER and the Rangers call on the Ninja Megafalconzord to defeat it, returning Katherine to her human form. The Rangers didn’t know it, but Katherine remains under Rita’s spell.

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