Passing the Lantern

Written by Kati Rocky
Directed by Armand Garabidian
First aired September 19, 1995
Production code 309
Episode number Season 3
Episode 9
Previous episode A Brush with Destiny
Next episode Wizard for a Day
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Adam is given an ancient lantern with a cryptic inscription as a family heirloom. He takes it to Billy’s friend, the wise gardener, Ko, to help translate it. Ko translates the inscription and tells them that the lantern is very powerful. Upon hearing this, Rita and Zedd decide that they want the lantern’s power for themselves and send Squatt, Baboo and Rito to confiscate it. The bumbling minions gather many lanterns, not knowing which is the right one. Rita is very upset and changes one of the lanterns into LANTERRA, a horrible monster. When the monster threatens the Rangers, Adam is reluctant to fight it, not wanting to destroy his heirloom. He then realizes that the inscription means that the power lies within himself, not in material objects.

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