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Stop the Hate Master (1)

Written by Stewart St. John
Directed by Bob Radler
First aired September 25, 1995
Production code 313
Episode number Season 3
Episode 12
Previous episode Fourth Down and Long
Next episode Stop the Hate Master, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Aisha’s feelings are hurt when she is not accepted into the Angel Girls, an exclusive club at school. Aisha is visited by her grandmother who makes her realize that she has to be strong and not listen to small minded people. She gives Aisha a ruby necklace to remind her to love. Meanwhile, Rita and Zedd have created anew monster, “THE HATE MASTER,” and sent it to Earth to casts its spell on all of the Rangers but Aisha. The spell is temporarily broken and they battle the huge Hate Master with the Ninja Megafalconzord. Once again, Hate Master casts his spell, and Aisha is unaffected due to her ruby necklace. The Rangers turn against one another and decide that they don’t want to listen to Zordon anymore. They bail out of their Zords and inform Zordon that they are quitting the Power Rangers.