Ashalla was the leader of the African camp where Tanya lived.
Homeworld Earth
First seen Hogday Afternoon, Part II
Last seen Hogday Afternoon, Part II
Portrayed by Unknown
Series Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

Aisha was looking for a piece of the Zeo crystal and encountered a young girl named Tanya, who brough young Aisha to her African camp. Tanya suggested that Ashalla, the smartest woman she knew, might be able to help them. Ashalla was the leader of the camp, and when they arrived, Aisha apologized for any trouble they might have caused. Ashalla saw a reflection of herself in Aisha and told her that she was home.

She explained that the animals were sick from a plague and that Aisha was the chosen one who would deliver them from this time of great struggle. Aisha stated that she had been sent there on a quest to find something and Ashalla gave her a personal talisman to help her on her journey. Aisha was overjoyed to find that the talisman was the yellow subcrystal she had been sent to find, and Ashalla believed that it would save them in their time of need.

Aisha agreed to remain in Africa and Tanya agreed to return to Angel Grove with the crystal. Ashalla made sure they were certain about their decision, and hugged them both. When Tanya returned to Angel Grove, the Zeo Crystal restored time and made Tanya the same age as the other teens. Aisha was shown in the Viewing Globe being greeted and hugged by Ashalla, who welcomed her home without appearing confused by the sudden change in Aisha’s age. The yellow subcrystal had indeed saved the camp, and Aisha had fulfilled her destiny as the chosen one.