Dylan was a young boy who was befriended by Alpha when he was lost in Angel Grove Park.
Homeworld Earth
First seen The Wanna-Be Ranger
Last seen The Wanna-Be Ranger
Portrayed by Colton James
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Young Dylan found himself lost in the park without his mother. Alpha 5 ventured to the park and introduced himself. Alpha had noticed Dylan’s situation through the Viewing Globe and decided to teleport to the park to help him. Meanwhile, the Rangers were fighting against Primator, a monster who had disguised himself as Billy.

Primator appeared in front of Alpha, disguised as Billy, and demanded to be taken to the Command Center. Dylan saw through the disguise and warned Alpha, who exclaimed as Primator transformed back into his monster form. Dylan kicked Primator and then ran away. Later, he returned to Alpha’s side once the monster was defeated.

When Dylan’s mother arrived, she expressed her gratitude towards the Rangers. The Red Ranger instructed her to thank Alpha for his help. The Rangers and Alpha then teleported away.