Thunder Slingers

The Thunder Slingers were a set of special pulse blasters guarded by Titanus. Each Thunder Slinger was capable of destroying Super Putties.
First seen Gung Ho!
Last seen Gung Ho!
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The quest for the Thunder Slingers

When Rita Repulsa sent a new breed of Super Putty to attack the Power Rangers, Zordon sent Jason and Tommy on a quest to retrieve a set of special weapons to use against them.

The Thunder Slingers hiding place
The Thunder Slingers hiding place

Noting that the way to these weapons would be treacherous, Zordon advised the Rangers that the only way to complete their mission would be to work together. Zordon gave both teens each half of a map that would help them find their way.

Making their way through an unspecified land, Jason and Tommy eventually spotted an alter atop a hill, decorated with stone plinths depicting each of the ancient animals that the Ranger’s powers were derived from, as well as the symbols of their Power Coins.


Retrieving the prize

As the teens attempted to climb to the summit, they were attacked by the awakened Titanus, who repelled them with energy blasts. Using the Green Ranger’s shield to protect himself from the blasts, the Red Ranger scrambled to the top. He found a black chest decorated with gold trims placed on the altar.

The box containing the Thunder Slingers
The box containing the Thunder Slingers

Opening the chest, he found a row of five white and gold devices. The devices featured a handle to the rear and three golden cannons to the front. Connected to the main cannon was a pull-back trigger with a telescoping shaft.

Yellow Ranger ready to fire the Thunder Slinger
Yellow Ranger ready to fire the Thunder Slinger

Returning to the other Power Rangers, the Red and Green Rangers shared the new weapons amongst their teammates. Pulling the trigger, the weapons emitted large golden energy blasts which vaporised the Super Putties in an instant.

When the Putty Patrol was wiped out, the Rangers were shown to have briefly connected their new weapons to the rear of their Blade Blasters. [MMPR1: “Gung Ho!“]