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Falconzord Remote Control

The Falconzord Remote Control was a device used to imitate the Falconzord‘s energy readings allowing for the use of the Ninjazords whilst the real Falconzord was stolen.
First seen Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part I
Last seen Hogday Afternoon, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The theft of the Falconzord

When Finster found the ancient Shogunzords, he reported that he would require the technology found in the Ninjazords to bring them to life.

Kat steals the Falconzord
Kat steals the Falconzord

Kat, under the control of Rita Repulsa, was able to steal Kimberley’s Power Coin and with it, teleport into the cockpit of the Falconzord and take control of the Zord, sending it to Zedd’s palace on the Moon.  [MMPR3: “Changing of the Zords, Part I“]

After kidnapping Kimberley, Zedd ransomed her in exchange for the Rangers piloting his newly acquired Shogunzords. In order to secure Kimberley’s safety, the Rangers agreed.

Once on board his Shogunzord, the Blue Ranger was able to reprogram it and the others to break them free of Zedd’s control whilst the White Ranger rescued Kimberley. With the Falconzord now in Zedd’s control, the Rangers were unable to summon their Ninjazords. [MMPR3: “Changing of the Zords, Part III“]  

Building the replacement


Billy sought a way to recover access to the Rangers’ Ninjazords. He presented a device that was hooked into the computers of the Command Center which imitated the Falconzord’s energy readings. Despite this, Billy remarked that it was no substitute for the real Falconzord’s power.

Billy presents the Falconzord Remote Control
Billy presents the Falconzord Remote Control

When activated, the device would allow the Rangers to summon the Ninjazords and operate two Megazords at the same time. The form of the device was similar to that of the shape of the Falconzord itself, white in color and adorned with capacitors and wires with three buttons in the center. In the cockpit of the Shogun Megazord, the Blue Ranger detached the cover of a control panel and placed the device among the circuit boards, which appeared to attach magnetically.

The device installed in the Shogun Megazord
The device installed in the Shogun Megazord

After pressing the buttons of the device, the head of the device extended telescopically behind a circuit board. As the remote was now online, the Ninjazords were summoned and the Ninja Megazord formed. [MMPR3: “Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part I“]

With the Shogun Megazord paralysed in battle, the Blue Ranger used the Falconzord remote to remotely determine if the Ninja Megazord was still operational. [MMPR3: “Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part II“]

The device in the Command Center
The device in the Command Center



When the Aquitian Rangers were using the Shogun Megazord to fight the giant Hydro Hog in Angel Grove, Billy proposed that he use the Falconzord remote to allow the Aquitian Rangers to initiate the Shogun MegaFalconzord. Zordon agreed and Billy activated the Zord.

The Falconzord Remote Control was being kept on top of one of the Command Center control consoles. [MMPR3: “Hogday Afternoon, Part II“]