The RADBUG was one of Billy’s most ambitious early inventions, a supersonic, flying Volkswagen Beetle car. 
First seen Switching Places (background)
Big Sisters (introduced)
Last seen The Rockstar (used)
Doomsday, Part II (background)
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Meet the RADBUG

The RADBUG was created by Billy at or around the time that he first became a Power Ranger. The RADBUG was normally parked in the driveway outside of Billy’s house. The RADBUG was a vintage, white Volkswagen Beetle with large silver modifications affixed to the exterior body of the car, including a large set of drum-like canisters at the rear which connected to a dorsal exhaust system. [MMPR1: “Switching Places“]

The teens meet the RADBUG
The teens meet the RADBUG


The only way to fly

When the Rangers were unable to teleport to the Command Center, Billy suggested an alternative mode of transport and introduced the teens to the RADBUG, explaining that it could transport them anywhere on the planet’s surface and that it could accelerate from 0 to 3000 in 2.8 seconds.

The RADBUG flies to the Command Center
The RADBUG flies to the Command Center

Billy then flew the teens in the RADBUG to the Command Center, landing it in Zordon’s main chamber.


RADBUG to the rescue

When the teens concocted their plan to rescue the kidnapped Maria, they decided to drive the RADBUG at ground level rather than through the air in order to surprise Rita. When the Rangers were able to rescue Maria using the Megazord, they were able to remotely control the RADBUG to collect her and drive her to safety. [MMPR1: “Big Sisters“]

Remotely controlled RADBUG
Remotely controlled RADBUG

When the Green Ranger damaged the teleportation systems in the Command Center, the teens were once again without the ability to teleport and so Billy resorted to using the RADBUG to fly to the Command Center. [MMPR1: “Green With Evil, Part I“] At some point, Zack appeared to have been taught how to fly the RADBUG and was able to fly both Kimberly and himself to the Command Center. [MMPR1: “Green With Evil, Part II“]


RADBUG renovations

The RADBUG was appeared to have undergone some further modification during its lifetime. By the time that the teens were using the vehicle for normal road use, the large canisters and exhaust system had been removed, with no indication that any functionality had been affected. [MMPR1: “The Rockstar“]

The modified RADBUG
The modified RADBUG

The RADBUG was last seen parked outside of Billy’s garage when the teens were making changes to the frequency of their communicators. [MMPR1: “Doomsday, Part II“]

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