Astro Megaship 

While making their way to Eltar in their new NASADA shuttle, the Rangers encountered a massive ship near Earth. The massive blue craft quickly locked onto the small shuttle with a green tractor beam, and it was pulled into the docking bay of the Astro Megaship. The Rangers were cautious but curious and quickly left their shuttle in order to explore the new ship.

Consiting of six decks, the Astro Megaship is made up of various facilities. The nerve center of the ship is the Bridge, located on Megadeck 1. From the Bridge, all controls including Naviagtion, Weapons, Communications and Sensors are accesable. The bridge is made up of a circular space with computer terminals lining the walls. The forward part of the room features a viewscreen, which can be used for Comuncations or Navigation. The center of the Bridge hosts five control stations, where the majority of shop functions can be accessed.

Also located on Megadeck 1 is the Mess Room. This room features tables and chairs for enjoying meals as prepared by the rooms resident Synthetron- a food replication device that is capable of recreating almost any type of dish, with varying degrees of success. The Mess Room also features crew lockers, which are frequently used for storing items such as weapons and uniforms. The most important features of the Mess Room are the Jump Tubes- five specially designed tubes through which the Rangers can jump into in order to Morph, teleport, or exit the Astro Megaship.

There are at least eight small crew quarters which are all located on Megadeck 2. Each room comfortably hosts two crewmembers, thanks to double bunk beds, however this could be increased to four crewmembers per room if needs be. Each room also features a desk, chair, table and closet space, as well as limited computer and communication facilities.

Megadeck 4 features a small gymnasium with some assorted exercise machines. Also located on Megadeck 4 is the ships Sickbay.

For training as well as recreational purposes, the Rangers have access to the SimuDeck, located on Megadeck 5. This SimuDeck is a holographic replication enviroment that is capable of authenticly reproducing almost any type of location, situation, or character. The SimuDeck is a useful tool for simulating holographic enemies that the Rangers can test their weapons and techniques on.

The driving force behind the Megaship is the Mega Accelerator. The Mega Accelerator is located in the Engine Room on Megadeck 6, on the lowest level of the ship. The Mega Accelerator is the only one of its kind, and enables the Astro Megaship to travel faster than the speed of light, known as Hyper-Rush Velocity. Aside from space travel, the Mega Accelerator even enables the Megaship to operate within planetary atmospheres and is even capable of landing on planets. The engine room also features a large airlock, which presumably would allow the crew to jettison the engine core quickly in the event of a cataclysmic overload.