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SPD Police Cruiser

The SPD Police Cruiser is the main method of transport for the Rangers when unmorphed. The Newtech City branch of SPD has at least two Cruisers at its disposal. It is capable of extreme speeds and is heavily armored. The SPD Police Cruiser is capable of comfortably seating up to five people. It is normally driven by the Pink and Yellow Rangers, with the Red and Green Rangers riding Patrol Cycles, and the Blue Ranger on a Pursuit Cycle.

It is equipped with, amongst other things, an automatic winch attached to the front grill, flashing red lights and sirens, communication terminals and scanning equipment, as well as an on-board computer. When not in use, the SPD Police Cruiser is usually housed within the vast underground garage of the SPD Command Base, and has direct access to the roads above via an exit ramp.