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Centaurus Wolf Megazord

The most powerful creature in the forest was the Legendary Catastros, a dark horse stronger than a hundred men. Many tried to harness his power, but all failed. When the final battle between good and evil threatens to spill out into the overworld, Catastros made its way deeper into the forest. However, it was sucked down into the underworld before the gate was sealed, where it was eventually tamed by Koragg.

Faithful to Koragg, Catastros gives him the ability to combine to form either Centaur Mode or Centaurus Wolf Megazord, a Megazord equal in power to the Mystic Megazord. The Centaurus Wolf Megazord comes equipped with the Darkness staff, a long staff with blades on either end, capable of performing dark magic attacks.

While Catastros may always answer the call of Koragg, it is also possible for the Mystic Phoenix to combine with the horse to form Centaurus Phoenix Megazord. Even though Catastros was cooperative, it was an uneasy alliance which did not last long.