Calamity Kimberly

Written by Tom Wyner, Julianne Klemm
Directed by Terence H. Winkless
First aired November 5, 1993
Production code 131
Episode number Season 1
Episode 31
Previous episode The Rockstar
Next episode A Star is Born
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Kimberly wakes up one day on the wrong side of the bed. Her hair is a mess, her mirror breaks, she gets to school dripping wet from the rain, and her pep rally notes are ruined. She thinks the day can’t get any worse. But it will because Rita is planning to send a monster to capture Kimberly. Finster creates the Samurai Fanman for the task. While walking home from school, Kimberly and Tommy are attacked by a gale force wind. The wind knocks Tommy into a tree and he falls unconscious. Kimberly is swept up into another dimension into the Samurai Fanman’s jar. Zordon teleports the Power Rangers to the command base and informs them of Kimberly’s immediate danger.

Alpha teleports the unconscious Tommy to command base and onto a stretcher. Zordon warns that they must hurry because the dimension only exists for a short time. If it disappears, Kimberly will also disappear forever. The Power Rangers battle the Fanman, now giant size, with their Dino Zords. Jason frantically tries to reach Tommy, who is slowly recuperating, when he gets the stress call. Despite his weak condition, Tommy and his Dragonzord answer the call and form into the Megadragonzord. Jason orders to morph to Ultrazord mode and Fanman is destroyed.

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