High Five

Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Adrian Carr
First aired September 7, 1993
Production code 102
Episode number Season 1
Episode 2
Previous episode Day of the Dumpster
Next episode Teamwork
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Billy has created some communication devices for the Power Rangers. The devices are a direct link up between Zordon and the Rangers. When they try out the devices, they are immediately teleported to the command center where they’re informed that Rita is up to her old tricks, again. Rita has sent a portal in the shape of a miniature shuttle as well as a monster named Bones.

The heroes are confronted by Putties outside the base. While fighting the Putties, Billy is trapped high in the cliffs by two of them. His only hope is Trini, who is hiding behind some rocks and is afraid of heights. Realizing she has to conquer her fear of heights or watch Billy fall, she sets out to climb the rocks with Zordon’s encouragement and guidance. She conquers her fear and rescues Billy and the others, who had been neutralized by the Putties. They join forces and set out to attack Bones, who has now begun to terrorize an amusement park. Their problems, however, are not yet over as Rita sends a giant Ninja which manages to get hold of Jason. He calls the power of the Tyrannosaurus and Dinozord and defeats the Ninja by blasting him square in the eyes.