I, Eye Guy

Written by Stewart St. John
Directed by David Blyth
First aired September 14, 1993
Production code 109
Episode number Season 1
Episode 8
Previous episode Big Sisters
Next episode For Whom the Bell Trolls
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Billy and his young protege, 12 year old Willie, are preparing for the Junior Science Fair. Willie has invented a virtual reality video game that is sure to impress the judges. Unfortunately, Rita is also impressed by young Willie’s mind. She commissions a monster that will capture people’s minds. Behold, Eyeguy, a giant eyeball which, once it captures an individual, Rita can have unlimited access to their mind. Rita’s immediate orders are to capture Willie.

After Willie is captured, the Power Rangers take on Eyeguy. They blast Eyeguy and the resulting explosion causes Eyeguy to separate into many small eyeballs. The Power Rangers form the Ultra Megazord and Mighty Megazord. Eyeguy manages to regroup into the original Eyeguy. The Rangers turn their power sword on high beam power and defeat Eyeguy.

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