The Wanna-Be Ranger

Written by Ellen Levy-Sarnoff, Daniel J. Sarnoff
Directed by John Stewart
First aired September 13, 1994
Production code 204
Episode number Season 2
Episode 4
Previous episode The Mutiny, Part III
Next episode Putty on the Brain
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Zordon disappears due to an interference in the signals caused by the alignment of planets. Seizing the opportunity, Lord Zedd creates PRIMATOR MONSTER from a gorilla suit that Zack was to wear to entertain at a birthday party. Alpha leaves the Command Center to help a little boy lost in the park. Zedd sends PRIMATOR (disguised as Billy) into the park, who does battle with Alpha. The boy manages to free himself from PRIMATOR, but the monster assumes various disguises that confuse the teenagers. Zordon returns to warn the Power Rangers about Alpha’s whereabouts. The Power Rangers morph out to face PRIMATOR but face a tough challenge as PRIMATOR changes from one Ranger to another. Zordon shows the Rangers the exact moment PRIMATOR saw his reflection on Alpha. With Kimberly’s handy mirror, the PRIMATOR sees his reflection and his powers are weakened. He is quickly terminated by the Zords. Alpha is rescued one second before he self-destructs. He’s to spend the rest of his days at the Command Center.