Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Written by Jerry P. Jacobs
Directed by John Stewart
First aired November 21, 1994
Production code 237
Episode number Season 2
Episode 34
Previous episode Lights, Camera, Action
Next episode Scavenger Hunt
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


It’s Fire Safety Week and Aisha is chosen to be Fire Safety Captain. This inspires Zedd to create FLAME HEAD MONSTER to burn down Angel Grove. This creature wreaks havoc, throwing fireballs and drying up riverbeds. As Fire Safety Captain, Aisha thinks it’s her responsibility to defeat this menace. When the Teens morph to fight the monster, she tries to take him on herself. Zordon teleports them back and tells Aisha the importance of working as a team. When they return to fight, Zedd makes the monster grow. However, he is no match for the Megazord. Aisha has learned a valuable lesson and Angel Grove is saved again.

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